Michael Rodman's 2011 Artist Statement




Artist Statement


My latest series of work is entitled “Streets of San Francisco – Revisited”.

I drive from street to street on Russian Hill and Nob Hill areas taking photos of each vista, usually out in the crosswalk, dodging the oncoming traffic. I paint dramatic compositions that natives take for granted as they drive to work or walk home in the City. I focus on the urban environment including all the overhead cables and wires.


I started painting “en plein air” on the Peninsula, in the tradition of the “The Society of Six” and the French Impressionists. Five years ago, I moved from traditional brush work to my new bold palette knife paint application. What sets my work apart from traditional cityscape painters, is my juicy paint application and clean colors. I paint smaller original oil studies on the streets of San Francisco and larger canvases in my studio at Hunter’s Pt. Naval Shipyard.


Collectors say that I capture the “California Light” in my paintings. They remark how they look photographic from far away and yet have a “sculptural quality” when viewed up close.


You can almost feel the paint stroke and it's energy as it is applied.


Michael Rodman - 2011



Commissions are Welcome! Give that special person in your life, the unexpected gift of "Original Art", for a Birthday or Special Anniversary.


Active member of Artists Guild of San Francisco: www.artistsguildsf.com